Full insulation from the other clients

Linux VPS web hosting give you the extent of control you would have on a dedicated web hosting server for a cheaper cost.

Thanks to an exceptional virtualization process, a Virtual Private Server provides you with a completely independent web hosting setting. You will find yourself completely independent from any other customers on the same physical web server and will not have any kind of excessive load troubles or DDoS attacks. Furthermore, it will be easy to use all the assets that are allotted to you as well as to change any sort of web server configuration settings that you need to. By result of the root access you are given, you’ll be able to add almost any software that you like and restart the server at any moment.

Our skilled administrators perform regular off–site backups of the server, so you can be sure that the content will be restored in the event of random data loss.

Full root/administrator access to the server

Analogous to having a dedicated server, having a VPS you will get complete root access to your website hosting environment. Thus it’s possible to modify anything on the server and also to reboot it anytime you have to.

This provides you the freedom to put in apps that generally can’t be installed using a normal hosting account (ffmpeg, for instance). You may create the video clip sharing portal you have always wanted, or maybe a resource–hungry website with video clip converting functions.

Last but not least, if you require help with the server, our tech support team is available twenty–four–seven to help you out with virtually any question or issue that you have.

OpenVZ VPS Web Hosting

At E-NovaTICs, we provide OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting.

The OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting, , the open–source SolusVM panel .

VPS solutions, , root , Operating Systems. backups .

Numerous data center facility options

We’re working with Data Center Facilities in the USA, in the UK and in Australia, to be able to provide the ideal position for your web sites, no matter which part of the world your home is in. Selecting a data center that is closest to your visitors will result in swifter loading speeds for your websites.

Each data center offers you fantastic connectivity with the rest of the world and an absolutely reliable network based on Juniper switches and routers. A 99.9% network uptime is assured.

Regardless of which data center you ultimately choose, you can rest assured that your web sites are in a protected place and that there’s always a team of skilled server administrators keeping track of the servers onsite. The values plus all the top features of our Linux VPS Web Hosting are identical in all of the data centers.

You actually have more server resources than you pay for

Due to a unique virtualization solution, the Linux VPS Web Hosting do provide much more than you’ve purchased.

Aside from the memory allowance that your Virtual Private Server comes equipped with, additionally, you’ll have the option to use the any RAM resources that stay unused on the same machine at any moment. Because of this even when your VPS offers 1018 MB of RAM memory, it is possible to apply the free RAM resources available on the master server.

So, unlike with any shared hosting platform in which the various other users on a single machine might cause clog, which can result in server downtime for your websites, on a VPS the other customers could just give you benefit.