A top–class United Kingdom based datacenter

The United Kingdom based datacenter retains various Linux web hosting servers and Linux VPS web hosting servers and it is a wonderful position for our effective Linux web hosting platform. It also offers a fully redundant network and excellent connectivity to Europe, Africa and the majority of the Asian nations.

So, when your targeted customers are from just about any of the previously–mentioned continents, you’d better go with the United Kingdom based datacenter in place of deciding on the common USA based datacenter option.

A stable server hosting location

Technological knowledge as well as web server characteristics have been the key reasons why we picked the United Kingdom based datacenter over different UK data centers. Its administrative body has integrated the top network systems and server gear are available on the market. The facility offers twice as much cooling potential and electric power compared to various other data centers, which allows us to supply a fantastic hosting setting for your sites.

In addition, Pulsant is known for offering direct fiber access to the USA and Europe (Paris and Amsterdam), which guarantees an outstanding network prospect of your mission–critical applications.

A 99.9% network uptime guarantee

The 10, 000 sq ft United Kingdom based datacenter has been functional since 2006 and at present houses many web servers and lots of websites. There’s an outstanding peering network and is linked to 2 London Docklands data centers – Telehouse East and Telecity HEX89, via a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring.

All of this guarantees perfect connection speeds for your users residing in Europe, Asia and Africa. E-NovaTICs’s internal network is totally redundant as well, which enables us to provide a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Day–and–night data center support

Technologically advanced, well–trained and also perfectly dedicated specialists are responsible for the upkeep of all of our hardware as well as the healthy performance of the presented solutions. And the system admins in the core office have launched a quite reliable type of Debian Linux, on which E-NovaTICs’s web hosting platform is located.

We have furthermore engineered a customized notification system, that allows us to know whenever there exists a problem with any service or any web server. By doing so E-NovaTICs’s technical support team and sys admins can manage any difficulty, most often, even well before it begins.

Solid and tried and tested UK servers

Our constantly growing network of web hosting servers contains more than 80 separate devices for hosting your compact individual websites and also huge organization sites. Apart from common production servers, we’ve got semi–dedicated and dedicated servers and main VPS machines. All are part of our extraordinary web hosting platform and each and every of them is connected with our customized notification system, so that we are able to watch them day–and–night.

Furthermore, we maintain backup servers allowing us to revive your content if there is unexpected data loss, and also servers for testing reasons.

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